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The success of our company depends on delivering the dreams and projects of our clients. We offer a unique experience of total customisation of our services according to the needs of each event.


Competition results and statistics generated in real-time by the venue timing/scoring services, providing instantaneous results.

–  Online Venue Results (OVR)
–  Games Management System (GMS)
–  Web Results System (WRS)


Commentator Information System (CIS) providing real-time match and competition information for commentators.

–  Cloud-based
–  Competition information
–  Real-time


Games Management System (GMS) allowing easy and intuitive management of the competition.

–  Accreditation and access control
–  Sport Entries and Qualifications
–  Arrival & Departures

TV graphics

Graphics with real-time data from field of play into live TV signal. Video Streaming solutions also available.

–  Graphics elements
–  For live TV signal
–  Video streaming solutions

Tech-360 sports
We offer totally customised services for all your needs, from events results to

Bornan Digital Sports Platform

The Bornan Digital Sports Platform (bDSP) is an ongoing live product that allows Bornan to easily create web portals to satisfy different requirements. Composed of several modules of our own Content Management System (CMS), users and roles administration, forms, search and list, and other elements  we can create different portals very easily.

The platform is designed to be fully responsive so that it can be used on any PC, tablet or smartphone. The Platform is also multilanguage.

Internal Web Results

This system is a set of services used to provide additional information to different competition stakeholders. It is a password protected space (sometimes inside the GTW) that usually includes a CMS(central results system), a results page with different content to that of the Public Web Results, and other relevant information such as weather, transport, etc. from external providers.​

Games Time Website - GTW

The official website of the events, with news, schedules, and general information for the public pre-integrated with Web Results.

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